Sunday, 13 March 2016

13.03.16 - cycle to hejlsminde

Week Commencing 7th March

This week I was supposed to be learning in the Micro Dairy here, doing fermented products however it was a clash with another students learning also, so instead I learnt how to run the Gram Slot bag filler.

It was a really good week and I enjoyed learning the machine, I think I did pretty good! 
We got loads of freebies from work this week, they were much better than that liquorice milk!! There was Smoothie mix but also Kaerne Maelk (cultured butter milk) so I made a chocolate stout cake and took it into work, everyone really liked it, and all the ladies asked for the recipe!

This weekend, I managed to rent an old bike from the Christiansfeld Maskinsservice shop next door, which was really nice, its quite old but it will get from A-B an it has a nice comfy sadle!!
Saturday I met one of the Danish Students, Jesper, he came to work at Aylesbury for his placement last year, and his Dog Pixie and we went for a walk and coffee.
Sunday I took the bike out for a test ride, and I cycled from Christiansfeld to Hejlsminde;

it was really pretty there and I bet its beautiful in the summer, its a shame that it was such a misty day today but I did take some photos:

And now I'm home it's definitely time to warm up with a hot shower and a large Gin! 
Update you soon

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